Stainless Steel : ER-316L Filler Wires :

Stainless Steel ER-316L Filler Wires, SS ER-316L Filler Wires, Stainless Steel ER-316L Filler Wires Supplier & Exporters.

Shanti Metals is one of the most renowned Importers and Exporters in all types of Metals in India. We offer Stainless Steel Filler Wires Grade (AWS A5.9) ER-316L in different type of thickness, specification, sizes and dimensions. ER316L filler metal is first and foremost used for welding low carbon molybdenum-bearing austenitic alloys. This low carbon alloy is not as powerful at high temperatures as ER316H. With Grade (AWS A5.9) ER316L, it is being used for different applications such as for low carbon of 18% Cr - 8% Ni - 2.5% Mo stainless steel.
These SS Filler Wires can also be made to order relating to their size and thickness as per clients requirements.

Specification :
Size : 0.8 ∞ 4.0

Stainless Steel ER-316L Filler Wires Deposit Analysis(%)
c : 0.03
si : 0.46
Mn : 1.73
Cr : 19.20
Ni : 12.50
Other : Mo 2.47

Stainless Steel ER-316L Filler Wires Mechanical Properties
Y.P.N/mm2(Ksi) : -
T.S.N/mm2(Ksi) : 550(80)
EI.(%) : 41
I.V.oC,J(oF,Ft-LBs.) : -