Alloy Steel Welding Rod / Wire :

The alloy steel welding rods/ welding wires at the Shanti metals are constructed by the alloy material having iron along with carbon, aluminum, and silicon. These rods and wires are very good for the usage of the welding purposes as they are mostly used as the filler material and are less brittle and have good fluidity.

In many of the arc welding methods, the welding rods are used as electrodes. Steel welding rods are the most common welding rods which are used by the welders. There are many of the welding rods which come in the variety of different steel alloys which are very applicable to the steel welding process of any type. The very most kind of steel welding rods we can find are mild steel, low alloy steel, and stainless steel. The welding rods are available with or without the flux coating depending upon the types of work to be taken into action.

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There is another kind of alloy steel welding rods and wires which are now available with us. The composite welding rods are very popular due to advances in welding technology. In the composite welding rods, there are two or more layers of the materials, these rods can be used as in many of the different purpose and give the strong and higher quality weld. In these kinds of rods, the flux is placed in the center of the rod, which reduces all the troubles which were occurring when the flux is at the outer layer.

Alloy steel welding rods/ welding wires we provide at Shanti metals are the very good application in the case of welding.

Specification :
Material : Alloy Steel
Size : 3.15 mm
Length : 350 mm

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