Cobalt Alloy Bare Rod

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The Cobalt alloy bare rod is basically sintered; casting rods used for hard surfacing are available in different sizes for TIG or oxyacetylene welding. The manufacturing of these rods mainly depends upon the product, the welding process it requires and diameter. Bare rods have excellent hardness and used mostly in high and elevated temperature. Moreover, the large amount of chromium carbides present in the cobalt offers this alloy an excellent abrasion resistance and solid erosion. These rods are available are offered by one of the leading manufacturers Shantimetals in different dimensions, specifications, grades, and thickness.

The temperature firmness of cobalt alloy makes it one of the appropriate materials for manufacturing bare rods.

Features of cobalt alloy bare rod
• High tensile strength
• Resistance to corrosion
• Hardness
• Excellent weldability
• Ductility
• Formability
• Excellent surface finish

While all these features are added in these bare rods, there are various specifications included such as:
Grades- ERCO-CR-C, ERCO CR-A, ERCO CR-B, ERCO CR-E Size- 1.6mm to 6.0mm

Well, ERCO CR-A grade is also known as bare 6 rods that offer resistance to different forms of mechanical as well as chemical degradation at a high-temperature range. It is versatile and has a good balance of impact and abrasion resistance. ERCO CR-B known as 12 bare is harder than the 6 bare rods and has abrasion and wear resistance.

The cobalt alloy bare rod are well tested and inspected as per the engineering set up norms and offered to customers as per their demand and application requirement.

(AWS A5.21)
Typical Analiysis of Filler Wire Typical All Weld Mechanical Properties Applications
C Cr Co V Ni Si Y.P.
ERCo Cr-C 1.6mm ∞ 6.0mm 2.3 30 Bal. 13 3 max 0.8 - - - 53-59 For seaming roll, valve, seats, pump sleeves, wear pads, seals, bearing, bushings, swa bladeds, cutters.
ERCo Cr-A 1.1 28 Bal. 4 3max 1.1 - - - 53-59 For engine valves, pump shafts and sleeves, hot cutting and rotary knives, high pressure high temp. valves.
ERCo Cr-B 1.4 29 Bal. 8 3 max 1.5 - - - 46-52 For extrusion dies, scissor blades, swa bladed, guide bars, wood cutting tools, pump sleeves.
ERCo Cr-E 0.28 28.36 Bal 0.38 2.80 0.78 - - -   For metal to metal abrasion and high impact applications involving high temperature and/or corrosive media.