Cobalt Base Alloys ECoCr-A Welding Electrode : ERCOCR-A Bare Rod

Cobalt Base Alloys ECoCr-A Welding Electrode, (AWS A5.13) ECoCr-A Cobalt Base Alloys Welding Electrode, (AWS A5.13) Cobalt base Welding Electrode, ERCOCR-A Bare Rod Suppliers & Exporters

The Cobalt base alloys ECOCR- a welding electrode have the outstanding feature of resistance to corrosion and resistance. The Shanti metals offer these electrodes in different grades and dimensions at most reasonable rates. These welding electrodes carry a great amount of electrochemical potential. These electrodes have good weldability and fabricability that is mostly searched by the industries.

• Size- 2.5 mm to 6.0 mm and custom sizes
• Type current- both AC and DC
• Hardness- 38- 44 (370- 440)

• Sound gas shielding
• High arc voltage
• Good arc characteristics
• Electrode polarity
• Ease of removing slag
• Weldable for both forward and backward position
• Ideal for root pass
• Formation of hydrogen

• Wooden boxes
• Plastic or wooden crates/ pallets
• Cardboard packing
• Standard packing with the plastic wrapping
• Depends on the requirement of the requirement

• Product invoice and bill
• Quality assurance test report as per requests demand of the client
• Crude material test reports
• Fumigation test reports
• Packaging details like box quantity, weight, gross weight, marks, numbers, and other details
• Manufacturers attested and test reports
• Electrode specifications guide
• Guarantee letter

• Thermal conductivity test
• Electrical conductivity test
• Intergranular corrosion test
• Positive material test
• Electro potential test
• Radiography test
• Flattening/ flaring test
• Destructive/ non-destructive test
• Mechanical test- tensile test
• Hardness test
• Chemical test- spectral test
• Other tests as per the application of clients

Cobalt base alloys ECOCR- a welding electrode best for the welding application.

Specification :
Size : 2.5mm ∞ 6.0mm
Type of Current : AC/DC(+)

Cobalt base Alloys ECoCr-A Welding Electrode Deposit Analysis(%)
c : 0.84
si : 0.57
Mn : 0.97
Cr : 30.46
Mo : -
Other : W 4.53 Co Bal.

Cobalt base Alloys ECoCr-A Welding Electrode Hardeness of all weld metal HRC(Hv)
ECoCr-A : 38-44(370-440)