Cobalt Base Alloys ECoCr-C Welding Electrode

Cobalt Base Alloys ECoCr-C Welding Electrode, (AWS A5.13) ECoCr-C Cobalt Base Alloys Welding Electrode, (AWS A5.13) Cobalt base Welding Electrode Suppliers & Exporters

The Shanti metals take the reputed place in the market offering a wide range of electrode products. They offer high-quality Cobalt base alloys ECOCR- C welding electrode to their domestic and global clients. These types of welding electrodes have wear resistance, corrosion resistance feature that is truly good for marine environments. It is completely designed for the soaring temperatures with the high-pressure heads. These are extensively used for the diverse application in industries. These are fabricated from the only top-notch raw materials with great thermal conductivity. Also, these are offered in custom made sizes and dimensions as per the demand of customers.

Technical specifications:
• Size- 2.5 mm to 6.0 mm and custom sizes
• Current type- AC and DC
• Hardness- 50-56 (520- 620)
• Types- round
• Grade- ECOCR- C

Key features-
• High gas shielding property to the atmosphere
• Better arc voltage
• Excellent arc quality
• Good electro conductivity
• Convenient slag removal
• Both in the vertical and down welding position

• Crude material testing details
• Product invoice
• Material originality report
• Packing details like weight, gross weight, product quantity, numbers, marks, etc. • ISO certification and attested report of the commercial manufacturer
• Quality assurance test report
• Product guide
• Guarantee letter

• Electro potential test
• Mechanical test/ tensile/ fracture test
• Pitting resistance test
• Chemical test/ spectral test
• Hardness test
• Destructive/ non-destructive test
• Visual inspection test
• Third party inspection

With excellent welding abilities Cobalt base alloys ECOCR- C welding electrode is suitable for your application.

Specification :
Size : 2.5mm ∞ 6.0mm
Type of Current : AC/DC(+)

Cobalt base Alloys ECoCr-C Welding Electrode Deposit Analysis(%)
c : 2.15
si : 0.47
Mn : 1.03
Cr : 31.25
Mo : -
Other : W 12.72 Co Bal.

Cobalt base Alloys ECoCr-C Welding Electrode Hardeness of all weld metal HRC(Hv)
ECoCr-C : 50-56(520-620)