Duplex & Super Duplex E2594-16 Welding Electrode

Duplex & Super Duplex (AWS A5.4) Welding Electrodes, Duplex & Super Duplex E2594-16 Welding Electrode Supplier & Exporters.

Shanti Metals is one of the most reputed Importers and Exporters in all types of Metals in India. We offer Duplex and Super Duplex Welding Electrodes in different type of thickness, specification and dimensions. With Grade (AWS A5.4) E2594-16, it is being used for different applications such as it’s a super-duplex coated electrode. The PREN (Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number) is no less than 40, as a result permitting the weld metal to be named as a super-duplex stainless steel. This semi-quantitative number offers a measure of the resistance to pitting in aqueous environments containing chlorides.
Duplex & Super Duplex Welding Electrodes with Grade (AWS A5.4) E2594-16 are extensively used in diverse applications industry, such as in the chemical and fertilizer industries, energy generation, flue gas desulfurization, and for a lot of offshore applications which include piping systems, heat exchangers and pumps, valves. Meanwhile, these electrodes can also be custom-made relating to their size and thickness as per clients requirements.

Duplex & Super Duplex E2594-16 Welding Electrode
Size : 2.5mm∞5.0mm
c : 0.030
Cr : -
Ni : 9.5
Mo : 4.0
Mn : 1.5
Si : 0.5
P : -
S : -
Cu : 0.7
N : 0.23