Mild Steel & Low Alloy Steel E7018 Welding Electrodes

Mild Steel & Low Alloy Steel E7018 Welding Electrodes, Low Alloy Steel E7018 Welding Electrodes Supplier & Exporters.

The Shanti metals is a Mild steel & low alloy steel E7018 welding electrodes manufacturer and supplier delivering to domestic and international and international clients. These electrodes are internationally approved and stand under the norms of clients. With excellent workability and weldability, these electrodes work well for welding applications.

Product details:
• Size- 2.5 mm to 6.0 mm and custom sizes
• Current type- AC and DC
• Hardness- 50-56 (520- 620)
• Types- round
• Grade- E7018

Product characteristics:
• Weldable in forward and backward position
• Slag not created
• High electric polarity
• High root pass
• Form a sufficient amount of hydrogen
• Sound gas welding
• Great arc voltage
• Great formability of arc

• Packing details like weight, gross weight, product quantity, numbers, marks, etc
• ISO certification and attested report of the commercial manufacturer
• Raw material testing details
• Product invoice
• Material originality report
• Quality assurance test report
• Product guide
• Guarantee letter

• Electro potential test
• Thermal conductivity test
• Mechanical test/ tensile/ fracture test
• Pitting resistance test
• Weldability test
• Visual inspection test
• Third party inspection
• Or as per the direction of clients

Packing details:
• Wooden boxes
• Bundles with plastic wrapping
• Bundles with spool
• Cardboard boxes with the plastic coating
• Standard packing

The manufacturers deliver the product as soon as possible with no damages. For any queries you can contact from the contact details shown on the site.

Mild Steel & Low Alloy Steel E7018 Welding Electrodes Deposit Analysis(%)
c : 0.05
si : 0.53
Mn : 1.13
Cr : -
Mo : -

Mild Steel & Low Alloy Steel E7018 Welding Electrodes Mechanical Properties
Y.P. N/mm2(Ksi) : -
T.S. N/mm2(Ksi) : -
El.(%) : -
PWHT : -