Nickel & High Nickel Alloys ENiCrMo-4 Welding Electrode :

Nickel Alloy (AWS A5.11) ENiCrMo-4 Welding Electrode, Ernicrmo 4, Filler Metals 622, Sanicro-56, Hastelloy C276, Nickel Alloy ENiCrMo-4 Welding Electrode, ENiCrMo-4 inconel C-276 Welding Electrode Supplier & Exporters.

Shanti Metals is one of the renowned Exporters and Importers in all categories of Metals in India. We offer Nickel and High Nickel Alloy Welding Electrode in diverse type of thickness, dimensions and specifications. With Grade (AWS A5.11) ENiCrCoMo-4, it is being used for different applications such as for welding inconel C-276 and other NiCrMo alloys. It’s also used for corrosion resistance in a lot of media and resistant to pitting crevice corrosion. In addition, ENiCrCoMo-4 is used for welding nickel-chromium-molybdenum base materials to itself, steel and other nickel base alloys and for cladding steel.
Nickel and High Nickel Alloy Welding Electrodes with Grade (AWS A5.11) ENiCrCoMo-4 are used for moderately in lots of applications in diverse industries like Aerospace, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Marine, Oil and Gas, Food Processing, Chemical Processing, Waste processing and Power generation Industries.

This product is also called as Ernicrmo-4, Filler Metals 622, Sanicro-56 & Hastelloy C-276.

Specification :
Size : 2.5mm ∞ 5.0mm
Type of Current : AC/DC(+)

Nickel & High Nickel Alloy ENiCrMo-4 Welding Electrode Deposit Analysis(%)
c : 0.15
si : 0.18
Mn : 0.82
Fe : 5.60
Ni : Bal.
Mo : 16.2
Other : W 4.07

Nickel & High Nickel Alloy ENiCrMo-4 Welding Electrode Mechanical Properties
Y.P. N/mm2 (Ksi) : 476(69)
T.S. N/mm2 (Ksi) : 734(106)
EI. (%) : 43
I.V. oC,J (oF,Ft-LBs.) : -