Pure Nickel Wire & High Nickel Alloys Filler Wires : Inconle Wire : Inconel 718 filler wire

Nickel Alloy ERCuNi(AWS A5.7) Filler Wires, Pure Nickel wire, high Nickel Alloy ERNi-1 Filler Wires, Nickel Alloys ERNiCrCoMo-1 Filler Wires, Inconle Wire, Inconel 718 filler wire, Hastelloy Wire Supplier & Exporters.

Shanti Metals is one of the most reputed Importers and Exporters in all types of Pure Nickel wire, Inconle Wire and high nickel alloy filler wires in India. We offer Hastelloy Wire, Nickel and High Nickel Alloy Filler Wires in different type of thickness, specification, grades and dimensions. By and large four kinds of Nickel and High Nickel Alloy filler metals exist, known as covered electrodes, welding fluxes, Hastelloy Wire, bare electrode wire and tubular electrode wire. At times non-consumable electrodes are built-in as well, but in view of the fact that these metals are not frenzied by the welding process, they are in general debarred.
Nickel and High Nickel Alloy Filler Wires, Inconle Wire, Hastelloy Wire are extensively are formed from urbane technology and superior grade of raw materials with newest characteristics. We offer these products in different sizes and specifications as per the clients’ requirements.

Product forms includes continuos wires on spools, cut lengths.
Gas Metal Arc Welding process (GMAW or MIG)
Tungsten Inert Gas welding (TIG)
Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)

Most of nickel wires are as per AWS A5.14 Standards. The copper/nickel grade is supplied as per AWS A5.7 . Cast iron welding is supplied as per AWS A5.15 .