Stainless Steel : E308H-16 Welding Rod / Wire :

The E308H-16 welding rod/welding wires are the electrodes used in the arc welding process. This is the alloy rod made of the E308H-16 alloy. This is used as a filler material in the applications specified for the type E308-16 components. It can also be used to weld the type of metal that is the 304H; also it can be used in the applications where the creep strength is required.   

The composition of this alloy is consisting of carbon, silicon, phosphorus and sulfur in a little percentage and chromium, nickel and molybdenum in the large amount. The welding process used with this rod and wire is the shielded manual metal arc method. This is certified with AWS A5.4 and ASME SFA A5.4 certificates. 

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This electrode rod is designed for the welding of the different types of stainless steel. The welding filler material has the proper chemical components and contents. This is thus suitable for the welding of 18 to 8 types of the lower alloy content. The size of the electrodes rods is ranging from 2.0mm to 5.0 mm. this electrode proves themselves as the most appropriate application for the welding purpose.

E308H-16 welding rod/welding wires give an excellent combination in the welding performance in of all positions and processes along with the high resistance towards the cracking. These electrodes are operable with both AC and DC current.  These are having good use in the industrial and general fabrication, in the power generation, in the petrochemical industries and also in the tank and the vessel fabrications.

Specification :
Size : 10-20mm
Type of Current : AC DC(+)

SS E308H-16 Welding rod / Welding Wire Deposit Analysis(%)
c : 0.05
si : 0.80
Mn : 1.00
Cr : 20.00
Ni : 10.00
Mo : -
Other : -

Stainless Steel E308H-16 Welding rod / Welding wire Mechanical Properties
T.S. N/mm2 (Ksi) : 600(87)
Elongation(%) : 40

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