Stainless Steel : E310MO-16 Welding Rod / Wire :

Are you looking for buying the welding wire and welding rod? You need to shop for those in bulk for fulfilling the demand of the application in the industry. Now the question comes that which one will be the right dealer to deal with? The answer here is Shanti Metal. This is one of the best industries that are day by day gaining high popularity among various industrialists. The industry is fully customer-oriented that are working effectively to satisfy the wants to every buyer. They are supplying a wide array of E310MO-16 Welding Rod / Welding Wire.

In the industry, the item is produced by using good quality of raw materials that is adding strength to the welding rods and welding wire. The raw material they are using is 100% guaranteeing in making the item to be fully corrosion resistance, stress corrosion cracking resistance, crevice corrosion cracking resistance, pitting resistance, anti-corrosive in nature.

The dimensions of it are ASME, AISI, ASTM, API, ANSI, JIS, EN, DIN, etc. The item is available in the custom-made specification that varies in dimensions, grades, sizes, thickness etc.

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Stainless Steel E310MO-16 Welding Rod / Wire, Stainless Steel E310MO-16 Welding Wire, E310MO-16 Welding Rod / Wire, Steel E310MO-16 Welding Rod / Wire Supplier & Exporters.

The item is undergoing various testing to check the quality of the product. Those are positive material identification test, intergranular corrosion test, hardness test, pitting resistance test, hardness test, flattening test, macro test, flaring test, micro test etc.

As the item needs to pass many channels before it reaches into the buyer’s hand. So full safety E310MO-16 Welding Rod / Welding Wire is packed carefully using wooden boxes/pallets/crates, carton boxes, shrink-wrapped. This does not allow the item to get damaged when shipped.

Specification :
Size : 10-20mm
Type of Current : AC DC(+)

SS E310MO-16 Rod/Wire Deposit Analysis(%)
c : 0.09
si : 0.44
Mn : 2.25
Cr : 25.92
Ni : 20.68
Mo : 2.26
Other : -

Stainless Steel E310MO-16 Welding Rod/Wire Mechanical Properties
T.S. N/mm2 (Ksi) : 621 (90)
Elongation(%) : 35

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Export Destinations For Grade SS E310MO-16 Welding rod / Welding wire


  Saudi Arabia


  South Africa
  Equatorial Guinea
  The Republic Of Congo


  Costa Rica
  Puerto Rica
  Trinidad And Tobago


  Czech Republic


  South Korea
  Sri Lanka