Stainless Steel : E318-16 Welding Rod / Wire :

The E318-16 welding rod/ welding wires are the electrode wires manufactured for the purpose of welding. This electrode is a rutile type electrode, this electrode is little brittle in nature as it contains some amount of titanium. It can be operated through the AC as well through the DC current in the operating system in all the positions.

The welding metals comprising of the 18% of the chromium, 12% of the nickel and 2.5% of the molybdenum along with the niobium. The niobium content provides the resistance to the intergranular corrosion at the elevated temperatures. The welding metal has the high tensile strength and creep strength.

This alloy electrode wire consists of the columbium to prevent the formation of the chromium carbides, which is also another reason for the occurring of the intergranular corrosion. This electrode is used to weld the 318 stainless steel which requires the complete absence of the chromium carbides. It is having the specifications as AWS A5.4 and class E318-15, 16.

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These electrode rods and wire are highly ductile and tensile in nature due to the presence of the molybdenum. These rods have high creep strength and high resistance towards the corrosion. It is also having iron in some proportion which avoids the cracking of the welds.

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Specification :
Size : 10-20mm
Type of Current : AC DC(+)

SS E318-16 Welding Wire/Rod Deposit Analysis(%)
c : 0.06
si : 0.67
Mn : 1.76
Cr : 19.07
Ni : 12.66
Mo : 2.24
Other : NB & Ta 0.65

Stainless Steel E318-16 Welding Rod/Wire Mechanical Properties
T.S. N/mm2 (Ksi) : 612(89)
Elongation(%) : 35

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