Stainless Steel : E385-16 Welding Rod / Wire :

The E385-16 welding rods/ welding wires are the electrode wires and rods. This is used as the filler material in the welding process as it provides the extra material during the welding of two metals. This electrode is used for the welding of the metals of similar compositions.

The materials of welding are thus used in the fabrication of the equipment and vessels. These are very good for the handling and storage of the different types of acids like phosphorus and sulfuric acid. The metal for the welding is fully austenitic and must be done with low heat input. This is done by using a stringer bead technique.

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The Shanti metals are the incorporations made for the supplement of all the types of welding rod electrodes. This is an establishment to meet your needs regarding the works related to welding for the different process. They offer you the E385-16 welding rods/ welding wires with all sorts of specifications, thickness and dimensions as per your needs.

The stainless steel welding electrodes are extensively used in many of the diverse applications and industries. These are formed from the high-tech technology and superior raw material and preferred characteristics. The welding electrodes can also be custom made, you just have to decide on their size and thickness of the electrode and get it designed. The specific size of the E385-16 welding rods/ welding wires can be from 2.0 mm to 5.00 mm. we can use AC as well as DC current for this process. Therefore you can buy this product from shanti metals this facilitates reliable and relevant product to their customers.

Specification :
Size : 10-20mm
Type of Current : AC DC(+)

Stainless Steel E385-16 Welding Rod/Wire Deposit Analysis(%)
c : 0.03
si : 0.50
Mn : 1.50
Cr : 20.00
Ni : 25.00
Mo : 4.50
Other : Cu 1.50

SS E385-16 Welding Wire/Rod Mechanical Properties
T.S. N/mm2 (Ksi) : 600oC*5 hr 590(85)
Elongation(%) : 40

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