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The stainless steel welding rods/ welding wires are the stainless steel wires used in the welding process with the stainless steel. The steel is used as filler material in the welding. The stainless steel wires are manufactured at the Shanti metals for the welding that have excellent mechanical properties. These are manufactured under the strict guidance of the technical people. The diameter of the wires in from 1.60 mm to 5.00 mm. these wires are having matte and bright finish and can supply in the coil as well in the cut length.

The different grades in the stainless steel alloys are used on the welding of austenitic stainless steel.  For the high-temperature applications like in the electrical power industries, the high carbon stainless steel electrode provides better creep resistance.

There are some of the demands and issue today occurred in the marketing of the stainless steel wires like the offshore competition, the increased cost of the raw material, the higher energy rates and the elevated transportation costs, which are forcing the manufactures to take the hard ways to reduce the costs to improve the bottom line.

We at the Shanti metals provide the high-quality wires at very reasonable rates as per the requirement of the customer. We provide the wires and rods with the cutting, forming, surface and joint preparation along with the pre-heating, cleaning, tacking, grinding and painting. Selecting the good stainless steel welding rods/ welding wires is a difficult task if you don’t have the accurate knowledge. Here we will provide you with the best quality products with accurate information.