Stainless Steel : E309 MOL-16 Welding Electrode :

Stainless Steel E309 MOL-16 Welding Electrode, SS (AWS A5.4) E309 MOL-16 Welding Electrode, Supplier & Exporters.

Stainless steel E310 16 welding electrode is mainly installed in weld head in order to maintain and touch contact with workpieces through a complete weld schedule. However, these electrodes play different roles in the resistance welding. They help in concentrating current at the exact welding point, maintaining the uniformity in current density as well as maintaining the thermal balance. Well, these stainless steel electrodes are available in different shapes that are determined by the force that is necessary for thermal conductivity and welding.

These welding electrodes are used for welding the stainless steel that has a similar composition in the cast and wrought form. Shanti metal is one of the leading manufacturers who supply these electrodes in different shapes and forms to their respective clients worldwide.

Features of stainless steel welding electrodes:
• High tensile strength
• Excellent conductivity
• Weldability
• Corrosion resistant
• Durability

While all these features are added to these welding electrodes, there are several specifications included such as:
Grade- E310-16
Size- 2.0mm to 5.0mm
Type of current- AC DC (+)

All these specifications and principles are included while manufacturing these electrodes. Furthermore, there are various tests and inspections done under the strict guidance and supervision of quality examiners. For all these tests various test certificates are authorized that helps in proving the quality and durability of these electrodes.

At the end, when all the tests are done and Stainless steel E310 16 welding electrode are ready for the delivery they are packed in the high quality of packaging material which helps to avoid damage and rust. You can easily buy these electrodes in different shapes and specifications as per your requirement.

Specification :
Size : 2.0mm ∞ 5.0mm
Type of Current : AC DC(+)

Stainless Steel E310-16 Welding Electrode Deposit Analysis(%)
c : 0.10
si : 0.41
Mn : 2.19
Cr : 25.98
Ni : 20.75
Mo : -
Other : -

Stainless Steel E310-16 Welding Electrode Mechanical Properties
T.S. N/mm2 (Ksi) : 581 (84)
Elongation(%) : 41