Stainless Steel : ER-312 Filler Wires :

Stainless Steel ER-312 Filler Wires, SS ER-312 Filler Wires, Stainless Steel ER-312 Filler Wires Supplier & Exporters.

Shanti metals, manufactured Stainless steel: ER- 312 filler wires for the welding application. These are manufactured with excellent mechanical properties, under the strict guidance of professionals. The filer wires are available in various standard diameters and bright finish and can supply in the coil as well as in cut length. These are commonly manufactured by considering various international standards to meet the domestic and international market standards.

These filler wires are processed from only well tested raw materials. This enhances the weldability at the harsh condition and increases the life of weld. The filler wires have improved strength that is ideal for many welding applications. These filler wires have excellent property of corrosion resistance best to the corrosive environment. Moreover, excellent workability tends to weld for long-term application, especially at elevated temperatures.

Testing details:
The manufacturers perform quality assurance testing to ensure none of the faulty product reach at customer’s doorstep. Some tests are given below:
• Positive material test
• Intergranular corrosion test
• Hardness test
• Welding test
• Electropositivity test
• Mechanical test
• Thermal conductivity test
• Visual inspection
• Third party inspection

After the quality assurance test qualified product goes for the packaging. These are packed in standard packing or the demand of clients as suitable:
• Reels and stems
• Plastic spool/ wooden spool
• Coils/ boxes/ bags
• Tubes/ cans/ cartons
• Drums/ pails
• Wooden crates/ pallets/ boxes
• Standard packs

When looking to reduce the welding cost use Stainless steel: ER- 312 filler wires.

Specification :
Size : 0.8 ∞ 4.0

Stainless Steel ER-312 Filler Wires Deposit Analysis(%)
c : 0.12
si : 0.50
Mn : 1.48
Cr : 29.85
Ni : 9.05
Other : -

Stainless Steel ER-312 Filler Wires Mechanical Properties
Y.P.N/mm2(Ksi) : 620(90)
T.S.N/mm2(Ksi) : 770(112)
EI.(%) : 27
I.V.oC,J(oF,Ft-LBs.) : -