Stainless Steel : ER-430 Filler Wires :

Stainless Steel ER-430 Filler Wires, SS ER-430 Filler Wires, Stainless Steel ER-430 Filler Wires Supplier & Exporters.

Shanti Metals is one of the most well-known Exporters and Importers in all types of Metals in India. We provide Stainless Steel Filler Wires of Grade (AWS A5.9) ER-430 in diverse category of specification, sizes thickness, and dimensions. By means of Grade (AWS A5.9) ER-430, it is being used for different applications such as for welding almost same alloys, superimpose and thermal spraying. ER430 is a ferritic stainless steel which also offers excellent ductility in heat treated circumstance.
Meanwhile, these SS Filler Wires can also customize in relation to their thickness and size as per the requirements of our esteemed clients.

Specification :
Size : 0.8 ∞ 4.0

Stainless Steel ER-430 Filler Wires Deposit Analysis(%)
c : 0.06
si : 0.38
Mn : 0.55
Cr : 16.79
Ni : 0.45
Other : Mo 0.16

Stainless Steel ER-430 Filler Wires Mechanical Properties
Y.P.N/mm2(Ksi) 850oC*2 hr.
T.S.N/mm2(Ksi) 850oC*2 hr.
EI.(%) 850oC*2 hr.
I.V.oC,J(oF,Ft-LBs.) - -