Stellite Welding Rod / Welding Wire :

Stellite is basically a cobalt alloy that is mainly used in wear applications, fusion welding, a spraying process, and hard facing applications. This alloy has an excellent combination of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, and all these features make them adaptable to the harsh environment. This alloy is the most preferable choice of many users because of its features.

If you are looking for high-quality welding rods and wires, Stellite Welding Rod / Welding Wire is the suitable choice for you. You can buy this item from Shanti Metal, they are leading importer and exporter of welding electrodes and wires of a variety of types and forms. These welding rods and wires are known for features like high strength, sturdy design, lightweight, easy to install, longer service lives and high performance. They offered products at a reasonable price and their products are tested on various parameters to ensure quality.

All these welding products are designed using premium quality raw material sourced from reliable market vendors and under the supervision of quality controllers in order to cater to quality norms.

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These rods and wires can be supplied in form of cast, straight or grounded form. The standard length is 1m and it can be customized as per client requirement and available in a variety of diameters. This item is available in bulk and these welding wires and rods of Stellite are known for high quality, durability, precise design and more. Packaging includes a carton box or wooden case on the box to avoid damage or rusting the last stage of production.

Specification :
Size(mm) : 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0
Diameter : 1.6mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.2mm
Standard : AWS

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