Titanium Alloys ER Ti-5 Filler Wires :

Titanium Alloys ER Ti-5 Filler Wires, Titanium Alloys (AWS A 5.16) ER Ti-5 Filler Wires, ER Ti-5 Filler Wires Supplier & Exporters.

The Titanium alloys ER Ti-5 filler wires are mostly used in the welding application. Because of its good weldability, this is easily weldable for any type of joint. Additionally, these filler wires require low handling cost also easily managed by the operator. The filler wires manufactured from high-quality raw materials that induce the life of welds. You can buy these filler wires for heavy application works.

The Titanium alloys ER Ti-5 filler wires have many good attributes that are ideal for welding application some of are:
• Resistance to corrosion/ abrasion
• Excellent electric conductivity
• Electrode polarity
• Good slag removal
• Weldable at all directions vertical and down position
• Sound gas shielding protection
• Good arc characteristics
• High arc voltage
• Good for root pass
• Formation of hydrogen

This product comes with documentation that includes:
• Fumigation report
• Invoice of product
• Raw material test report
• ISO verification certificate
• Material traceability report
• Packing lists- marks, numbers, gross weight, weight, the quantity of product
• Quality assurance report
• Welding process guides
• Guarantee letter

Testing details:
• Weldability test
• Thermal conductivity test
• Positive material test
• Intergranular corrosion test
• Raw material testing
• Electric conductivity test
• Mechanical test/ tensile test
• Visual inspection
• Third party inspection

Packing details:
• Wooden crates/ pallets/ boxes
• Tubes/ cans/ cartons
• Reels and stems
• Plastic spool/ wooden spool
• Coils/ boxes/ bags
• Drums/ pails

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Specification :
Size(mm) : 2.4 3.2 4.0 5.0 Length 1000

Titanium Alloys ER Ti-2 Filler Wires Typical Analiysis(%)
c : 0.05
O : 0.180
H : 0.015
N : 0.03
Fe : 0.300
Ti : Bal. AI5.5-6.7 V 3.8-4.5

Titanium Alloys ER Ti-2 Filler Wires Mechanical Properties
Y.P.N/mm2(ksi) : 827(120) min
T.S.N/mm2(ksi) : 896(130 ) min
EI.(%) : 10 min
I.V.J(kgf-m) : -