Titanium Gr2 Welding Rod / Wire :

Titanium Gr 2 Welding Rod / Welding wire offers high various features like light-weight, hard wearing and high potential under heat temperature. Titanium rod s and wires are being manufactured by the manufacturers by using the quality raw material. Grade 2 titanium offers corrosion resistance in oxidizing including chlorides.

Welding rods and wires are made from pure titanium which, are manufactured in different shapes sizes and texture by the company and are also customizable as per the choice of customers. Titanium grad2 is widely used as it combines durability, superior corrosion resistance with moderate strength with excellent formability.

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This grade product is being offered to the clients at economical prices. This grade rods and wires are also exported by the exporters through offline as well as online marketers, in custom built sizes and thickness. Titanium welding rod / welding wire is also being used widely in aviation, jewelry, piercing material, measuring instruments, and so on.

Titanium rods and wires are used in a great extent in various industries including chemical processing, condensers, reaction vessels, Heat exchangers, electroplating,  desalination, architecture, marine, medical devices, power generation, automotive and various others across the globe.

Specification :
Standard : AWS A5.16,ASTM B863,AMS 4951,AMS 4954,AMS 4956
Diameter : Dia.0.2mm~5.0mm
Type : Straght /Coiled / On spool

Titanium Gr2 Welding Rod/Wire Chemical Composition
C : 0.10 max
Fe : 0.30 max
H : 0.015 max
N : 0.03 max
O : 0.25 max
Ti : Bal

Titanium Grade2 Welding Wire/Rod Mechanical Property
Tensile Modulus : 103 GPa
Poisson’s Ratio : 0.34-0.10
Tensile Strength : 50
Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) : 40
Hardness : 14.9

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Export Destinations For Grade Titanium Gr2 Welding Rod / Welding Wire


  Saudi Arabia


  South Africa
  Equatorial Guinea
  The Republic Of Congo


  Costa Rica
  Puerto Rica
  Trinidad And Tobago


  Czech Republic


  South Korea
  Sri Lanka