Titanium Welding Rod / Wire :

Titanium Welding Rod / Welding Wire is most commonly used in applications that require high-temperature resistance and resistance to chemicals. To increase its strength, Titanium Rods are alloyed with iron, manganese, aluminum and other metals. Titanium alloy rods are available in different type of thickness, specification, dimensions, and grades. Meanwhile, they are available in market at leading prices.

Titanium is a lightweight silver-gray material and has a high strength to weight ratio. Titanium is also used as human implants as it has good compatibility with the human body. Titanium is the most popular because of its good formability and weldability balance of strength, toughness and high ranging heat. Titanium is an excellent choice for engineers because of its properties; this material is reliable for a range of applications from aerospace to chemical processors.

Titanium falls into a category of metals namely known as reactive metals. Titanium offers excellent corrosion resistance to acid, chlorides, and salt. This material is a combination of strength and corrosion resistance that makes it useful in applications such as aerospace, medical devices, and marine equipment.

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Applications of pure titanium are in aircraft, petrochemical applications, heat exchangers, piping systems, pulp bleaching systems, electro-chemicals, automotive, architecture, desalination, marine, medical, power generation, chemical storage tanks and much more.

Manufacturing: Manufacturing of Titanium Welding Rod / Welding Wire includes various steps including extraction, purification, sponge production, alloy creation, forming and shaping. Titanium welding process has been used on a limited basis of time. However, welding processes are not considered economical as they require a high cost.  

Specification :
Standard : AWS A5.16,ASTM B863,AMS 4951,AMS 4954,AMS 4956
Diameter : Dia.0.2mm~5.0mm
Type : Straght /Coiled / On spool

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